Xeos Technologies Introduces New Reps in Southern Africa, South America, Central America, & Japan - Sea Technology Services
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Xeos Technologies Introduces New Reps in Southern Africa, South America, Central America, & Japan

Xeos Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce new representation agreements, increasing its global presence in

the Environmental Monitoring sector and continuing to provide high quality oceanographic beacons and sensor management tools.

Darren Penney, Director of Business Development Manager – Environmental Monitoring, has been searching for companies and representatives that act as leaders in their respected fields and industries, providing excellent customer service, knowledge and striving to add value to their customers – values that Xeos Technologies holds dear. This search has yielded four new companies to date:

Representing Xeos’ first foray into the Southern African market is Sea Technology Services based in Cape Town. Sea Technology Services is gaining a global reputation for oceanic robotics and high quality customer service. With a strong customer base in Southern Africa, and already familiar with the Xeos Rover beacon developed for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Sea Technology Services was a natural choice. Darren had the pleasure of meeting Derek Needham while in London at the Oceanology Conference where they finalized the terms of the arrangement.

In Chile, Bentos is celebrating its 20 year anniversary representing manufacturers of quality products specializing in Oceanography, Hydrography, Marine Geophysics, and Submarine Cables installation. Bentos also offers high quality service offerings such as Surveys. ‘After I’d had a few conversations between with Bruno Ladron de Guevara, it became obvious that our products were a perfect addition to the Bentos current line of quality products and service, “ says Mr. Penney, “And, as importantly, the value we place on customer service and continuous improvement is shared in both companies.”

Expanding Xeos’ reach into Central America will be OSOP, based in Panama and with strong ties across Central America and into South America. OSOP has considerable expertise in seismic and oceanographic monitoring making them well positioned to take Xeos’ field proven products to market. In addition to its full line of oceanographic mooring beacons, Xeos provides high quality, extreme terrain sensor management tools which have been used extensively in the seismic community. Darren met with Branden Christensen and Angel Rodriguez at the AGU Conference in San Francisco in December where the conversation around representation and, possibly, future collaboration was begun.

Offering a wide selection of oceanographic monitoring and analytical products, SEA Corporation (Science Engineering Associates Corporation) is a distributor in the competitive market of Japan. Masaaki Asada of SEA Corporation made the trip to Nova Scotia during one of many winter storms, but due to weather related delays, wasn’t able to meet with Darren. They were finally able to meet and finalize the arrangements in at the Oceanology Conference. After 6 years of selling through a variety of agents, Xeos is extremely excited to have SEA Corporation as its exclusive representative in Japan.

Xeos is excited at the prospect of working with these four high quality companies and seeing how these partnerships flourish over the next few years. The expectation is that customers will be seeing real benefits soon from improved coverage, expertise and cross-company collaborations.