Training - Sea Technology Services
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Training at Sea Technology Services

Sea Technology Services has a well-established Engineering Student training, skills development and mentorship program

During the 2011 to 2020 period, Sea Technology Services has provided In-Service Oceanographic/Marine Electronic Engineering training for 23 Electronic Engineering Technicians/Engineers towards obtaining their National Diplomas, Electrical Engineering (Light Current), in support of the national transformation and engineering capacity building objectives. Seven of the Engineering Technicians have gone on to also do their B-Tech Electrical Engineering Degrees under STS mentorship, with their B-Tech projects having direct benefits for related projects being undertaken by STS. 

STS has permanently employed a number of the Engineering Technicians trained under this mentorship program, as well as supplied Engineering Technicians to the broader pool of South African Engineers. Cooperative links have also been formed with the Engineering Departments of Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Cape Town and Durban University of Technology.

STS has a core of highly trained Electronic Engineers with extensive experience in the oceanographic scientific and marine engineering fields, able to impart the following skills and knowledge to students under their mentorship:

Electronic and software engineering (see Appendix A for list of software capabilities)

  • Analog and digital electronics design, development, assembly and testing (from Printed Circuit Board (PCB) component level to system level)
  • Micro-processors and embedded software systems design, development, assembly and testing
  • Ultra-low power autonomous electronic systems (design and construction)
  • Radio, GSM and satellite communications technologies
  • High-end user software development and implementation
  • Computers, software, networks and general IT
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacture
  • Electronic component specification, sourcing, ordering and testing
  • Electronic systems, sub-systems, modules and components
  • Integrating, interfacing, wiring and electromechanical construction

Mechanical engineering (Marine and industrial)

  • Subsea mechanical design and construction (concept, 3D-CAD modeling, manufacture, assembly, testing and commissioning)
  • Deep-sea pressure casing design, 3-D modeling, construction and testing
  • Marine corrosion technologies
  • Subsea materials (new technologies, selection and implementation)

Oceanographic research and survey systems

  • Oceanographic instrumentation, sensors and systems (CTD’s, Fluorometers, Thermosalinographs, Multinets, ADCP’s, Navigation, etc.)
  • Hydro acoustics (Echosounders, Transducers, Sonars, Acoustic Releases, Acoustic Modems, Acoustic Surveys)
  • Buoyancy and Wave Glider servicing, refurbishment, deployment, piloting and logistics
  • Underwater photography and photo survey systems (benthic and pelagic systems)
  • Autonomous instrumentation platforms
  • Calibration and testing of oceanographic sensors
  • Investigation and testing of new oceanographic technologies and systems

Ship, small boat and general marine 

  • Research cruise engineering support logistics and preparations
  • General at-sea engineering support and instrumentation operation
  • Small boat and fieldwork operation and logistics
  • Instrumentation package seabed moorings
  • Cold weather working technologies (Antarctica and Southern Oceans)

General technologies 

  • Hydraulics and pneumatics (working knowledge), winches, sea-cables, underwater connections
  • Subsea high definition photography and photo survey systems
  • Woodworking, plumbing and heavy current electrics
  • Electronic and mechanical laboratory and workshop facility management and operation

Appendix A

List of software packages that Sea Technology Services staff are proficient in

Application software:Engineering packages:
1C/C++1Altium Designer
2C#2Design Spark
4Assembler4Autodesk Inventor
6Visual Studio6OrCAD
8Java8Electronics Workbench
12Linux BASH12EagleCAD
13Windows Shell13Tango
14GNS3 (CISCO)14dsPICWorks
17PicoDos / PDos17Arduino
18CR Basic18Raspberry Pi
Embedded software:20Google Application
1Embedded C on 8/16/32 bit platforms (PIC8,16,32 ARM Cortex M4)21QGis
3MPlab / MPLABx23ArcGIS
25Tera Term Language
Server side software:26MatLab
3Javascipt / JQuery29Google Earth
5HTML531Regulus OS
6AJAX32Riverbed Modeler
7Websockets33CISCO Packet Tracer
10curl18Git / Gitlab
15Mapbox23Chrome Apps
16TileMill24GeoJSON /  JSON