Sales - Sea Technology Services
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Equipment Sales

STS has extensive in-house expertise and experience with a wide range of oceanographic instrumentation, marine equipment and technical systems.

These capabilities cover:

  • Advising & specifying
  • Procuring & customisation
  • Installation & integration
  • Setup & testing
  • Sea trials & commissioning
  • Operating & deploying
  • Training & mentorship
  • Servicing & repair

We are able to offer the above services as a value added component to our established equipment importing and reseller operation. Turnkey solutions for clients’ ocean equipment requirements.

STS represents the adjacent equipment manufacturers.

Top brands deserve more than just another equipment importer

Sea-Bird Scientific
JFE Advanced Co LTD
Xeos Technologies
Mooring Systems
Engineered Syntactic Systems
Wildlife Computers
CONTROS Systems & Solutions GmbH
Liquid Robotics
Ocean Test Equipment
Biospherical Instruments Inc
Teledyne WEBB