Ski Monkey Seabed Camera System - Sea Technology Services
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Ski Monkey Seabed Camera System

The Ski-Monkey Benthic Camera System was originally developed for the U.S. AMLR program and was used to identify Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME’s) in Antarctica. Sea Technology Services is currently developing the 3rd generation Ski-Monkey system.

The Ski-Monkey system is able to take high definition stills and HD video at depths of up to 800m.

Real-time video, environmental and control information is relayed to a surface base-station.

Users control all camera, navigation and science parameters remotely via the Ski-Monkey software application.

The Ski-Monkey system can be configured as a drop-camera system with legs, a moving camera system with skis, or as a stand-alone unit.

Ski-Monkey can be configured as a stand-alone self-contained system either on the seabed or on a trawl net.

For more information on the Ski-Monkey system, please contact us.