SCIENTIFIC DATA SYSTEM (SDS) heads south aboard polar ship S.A. Agulhas II - Sea Technology Services
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SCIENTIFIC DATA SYSTEM (SDS) heads south aboard polar ship S.A. Agulhas II


SCIENTIFIC DATA SYSTEM (SDS) heads South aboard the polar ship S.A. Agulhas II, on her maiden voyage to Antarctica.

The Sea Technology Services designed and installed SCIENTIFIC DATA SYSTEM (SDS) is a network based, underway data collection and display system, designed to collect, integrate, log and display various scientific, navigational and meteorological sensors, instruments and systems aboard a research ship. 

STX Europe, the Finnish shipyard that built S.A. Agulhas II, commissioned Sea Technology Services in 2011 to design the SDS hardware and software, based on current computer technologies. A web browser, wireless-based solution that allows anyone aboard the ship, to link into the SDS with a PC, notebook or smartphone and have instant access to live parameter displays and voyage databases.

SDS passed all acceptance testing and trials cruises and has grown in popularity as a general “one-glance” situation display on the vessel, to the extent that Sea Technology Services has undertaken to develop additional graphic user interfaces, after feedback about the usefulness of SDS beyond its original specification. 

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