iRobot Seaglider refurbishment now available in South Africa - Sea Technology Services
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iRobot Seaglider refurbishment now available in South Africa

iRobot Seaglider refurbishment is now available in South Africa.

Sea Technology Services engineers, on behalf of CSIR, recently attended an iRobot Seaglider maintenance, refurbishment and re-battery training course at the iRobot facility, Durham, North Carolina.

This post-piloting technical training now certifies STS engineers to maintain glider fleets in South Africa. This is in support of CSIR’s SOCCO program and the initiative to establish a glider port in Cape Town, as part of the new CSIR – SANAP Southern Ocean Engineering R&D Centre.

The University of Washington’s Seaglider Assembly facility was also visited to establish a co-operative link between Seaglider designers, users and support personnel.

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