Agulhas II Scientific Trials Completed - Sea Technology Services
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Agulhas II Scientific Trials Completed

Sea Technology Services recently accompanied the new South African polar ship, S.A. Agulhas II on her Scientific Equipment Deep Trials and successfully tested and commissioned various systems and equipment. 

 Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911plus V2 CTD System

Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 45/38 Thermosalinograph System

Also tested and commissioned were the STS designed and built:

Scientific Data System (SDS)
A hardware and web browser based software solution for underway data collection, logging and displaying of ship navigational parameters and scientific instrumentation data.

SkiMonkey II
A high definition, benthic video and still photography system, rated to 700m, capable of realtime video streaming up 5000m of standard coppercored winch cable.

CTD Moonpool Carousel Frame (24 x 20 liter sample bottles)
A 6000m rated stainless steel carousel frame to carry 24 x 20 liter water sampling bottles, a Sea-Bird SBE 32 trigger unit and SBE 9plus V2 CTD.

An iRobot Seaglider was deployed off Agulhas II to test the capabilities of the ship as a glider deployment platform. The glider will continue to survey the shelfbreak off the Cape Peninsula for a month defore being retrieved off Hout Bay.

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