New Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911plus CTD System For R.S. Africana - Sea Technology Services
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New Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911plus CTD System For R.S. Africana

As part of the Department of Forestry and Fisheries’ program to refurbish the research ship, R.S. Africana, Sea Technology Services has been awarded a contract to supply and commission a new 6000m depth rated Sea-Bird Electronics SBE-911plus CTD system and SBE-32 12-bottle Carousel system with a full suite of auxiliary optical sensors, as well as a new Sea-Bird Electronics SBE-45 Underway Thermosalinograph system.

For compatibility of data, the auxiliary sensors were configured to match Sea-Bird SBE 911plus systems currently being operated on other research ships operating around Southern Africa and the Southern Ocean. The auxiliary sensor suite
consists of:

  • Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • WET Labs ECO-BBrtd Backscattering Meter
  • WET Labs C-Star Red Transmissometer
  • WET Labs C-Star Blue Transmissometer
  • WET Labs ECO-FLNTUrtd Fluorometer & Turbidity sensor
  • Teledyne Benthos PSA-916 Altimeter
  • Biospherical QSP-2350L Underwater PAR Scalar (4 pi) sensor
  • Biospherical QSR-2200 Surface PAR reference sensor


We at Sea Technology Services are excited about this opportunity to be part of the refurbishment of R.S. Africana’s science systems and to further establish Sea-Bird Electronics equipment on vessels operating off Southern Africa.