An Underway IOP System for Southern Ocean Observation - Sea Technology Services
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An Underway IOP System for Southern Ocean Observation

Dr Sandy Thomalla (CSIR), Sea Technology Services (STS) and Dr Eric Rehm from University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory, have developed and manufactured an underway IOP observational system. 

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The system provides calibration‐independent hyperspectral measurements of spectral particulate absorption and attenuation as well as simultaneous measurement of multispectral backscattering using a ship’s uncontaminated seawater supply. This system also supports the in‐line acidification of seawater, supporting PIC estimates.

The IOP system was installed aboard S.A. Agulhas for The Southern Ocean Seasonal Cycle Experiment (SOSCEx) cruise and operated over a three week period by research scientists Dr Sandy Thomalla and Dr Eric Rehm, with Sea Technology Services providing engineering support.

An abstract for a poster for the 6-8 May 2013 International Ocean Color Science (IOCS) meeting in Darmstadt, Germany has been submitted under the “in situ data and protocols” topical area.